Welcome Back! Wir sind wieder da

Seit dem 3. August 2020 ist unser Institut wieder geöffnet und bietet den gewohnten Präsenzunterricht an. Natürlich haben wir unser Konzept sowie unsere Räumlichkeiten an die empfohlenen Hygienemaßnahmen angepasst. Besuchen Sie uns vor Ort im Herzen Kölns und steigen Sie in einen unserer fortlaufenden Kurse ein!


Die Online-Englischkurse wurden so positiv aufgenommen, dass sie ab sofort zum festen Bestandteil unseres Angebots gehören. Einige Kurse sind aus dem analogen Klassenzimmer ins „digital classroom“ gewandert und andere wurden ganz neu entwickelt. Somit starten drei digitale Konversationskurse (à 60 min.) auf verschiedenen Niveaus, in die Sie jederzeit einsteigen können. Wenn Sie zusätzlich zu einem bereits gebuchten Vor-Ort-Kurs Ihre Sprechfähigkeit verbessern möchten, stellen die digitalen Konversationskurse außerdem eine perfekte Ergänzung dar. Weitere digitale Angebote sind geplant.

Keine Notlösung, sondern echte Alternative auf Zeit!Erstes Feedback zu unseren Online-Kursen.

Vielen Dank an Renate, Ursula und Marian, dass wir Ihr tolles Feedback online stellen dürfen!

Renate (Tuesday, Advanced English Course)

It was my first time using Skype. Tracy helped me to install and set things up as well as have a test run. It is helpful to familiarise oneself with Skype a bit but after some headset issues (one should try this before the lesson) we were able to have a wonderful virtual course! It is not the same as face to face but almost! I am very happy that we can continue the courses in this way, it is a wonderful opportunity and I am already looking forward to our meeting next week!

Ursula (Tuesday, Advanced English Course)

According to a recommendation by Tracy, our English teacher, today we had our first lesson via Skype. It was a challenge for me, because never before I have used this communication medium and I had no idea whether I could get along with it, but I wanted to try out. I downloaded Skype on my laptop, entered my Skype name, email address and password - and there it was. Thanks to Tracy - she was helpful and patient during the lesson - it turned out to be successful.

Of course, it is not the same as in the classroom of the institute, but in the times of Corona Virus, it is a very good alternative to sitting at home, doing nothing.

Sometimes we had interrupted talks, and I couldn’t figure out why, (was it due to the microphone, the internet connection or anything else?) but we are working on it and I am sure we will improve. You should use headphones (those of mobile phones are fine) and should not move too much. This can help to improve the conversation via Skype.

I am really glad that Tracy’s idea to use Skype turned out to be a good solution to go on with the English lessons as long as Corona Virus has us all in hand.

Marian (Wednesday, Advanced English Course)

It was a very interesting new experience to learn English from home and keep going our course. Without any stress on the highway, in a home atmosphere, we used the time very intensive to speak English, to gossip, to meet virtually in our home with skype. I enjoyed every second 😊.


It was a great experience today meeting each other in the digital world and doing the course via skype! I think it worked perfectly, not less efficient than usually and I wonder why we didn’t have the idea earlier….