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  • MET Administered for the First Time in Europe

    As part of its efforts to expand the reach of the Michigan English Test (MET), Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaMLA) is pleased to announce that the MET is now being administered in Europe. Last week the MET was successfully given at the Englisches Institut Koeln.

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  • Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments

    The University of Cambridge has entered a cooperation with the University of Michigan, USA, to offer each other’s English Language examinations via their centre networks. From Spring 2012 we are pleased to be offering these Michigan exams in addition to the Cambridge exams:

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  • NEU: University of Michigan Exams ab 2012!

    Die Universität Cambridge kooperiert jetzt mit der Universität Michigan (USA) und wir sind Prüfungsstelle für Cambridge-Michigan Language Assessments geworden. Wir werden ab Frühling 2012 die Prüfungen MET, ECCE und ECPE (zusätzlich zu den normalen Cambridge-Prüfungen) anbieten. Details folgen Anfang 2012.

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