Do you speak English?Unsere Trainerin Tracy unterricht bei FeuerTRUTZ

Unsere Trainerin unterrichtet Englisch bei der Firma FeuerTRUTZ. In der firmeneigenen Zeitschrift MüllerMagazin hat Ursula Beyer einen Bericht über die gute Zusammenarbeit veröffentlicht, den wir hier mit freundlicher Genehmigung zitieren.

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FeuerTRUTZ wants to become more international. Therefore they decided to teach their employees English. All of us learned English at school. Perhaps some of us even visited a foreign country for some time and perfected their English there. But nevertheless, if you dont practice your English regularly, you forget it very fast – the vocabulary, the grammar and the free speaking. As the FeuerTRUTZ employees are not all on the same level in English, the management decided to offer them two classes for two different levels. Because of that there were some places free and the two classes were filled up with colleagues from the other companies – Coleman, Bruder and the Holding. Everybody took a placement test for classifying for one of the two classes – level one or two. What shall I say? We are the Level-1-Group. And we are a very nice and smart group, a really good group. The best Level-1-Group in the little Rudolf Müller World that has ever existed. You ask yourself why? Because our English is excellent, we always give our very best and last but not least we are a Girl-Group. A Girl-Power-English-Class.Who are we? Nicole, Nicole, Elke, Ulla, Yvonne (Angel), Elin, Yvonne, Nina, Saskia, Anja and TRACY, our teacher.

We learn a lot from Tracy and Tracy demands a lot from us. But that’s exactly what we need to refresh our English. The more we are asked the better we do it. First of all, if we come into the class we are not allowed to speak German any more. We all have to speak English, if needed we are allowed to speak turkish, french or italian, but NO German: Tracy’s lessons are exciting, entertaining and very instructive. Most of the time we train free speaking. We speak about several different things, for example about fashion, international marketing, Steve Jobs, the weather, about holiday or vacation (do you know the difference between holiday and vacation?), marketing strategies, business English and and and.

As I said, we are Girl-Power-English-Class and that’s why we have really fun. Our conversations and discussions are varied, take ten women and you have 10 views. But we are not only kidding and laughing. We also have to prepare presentations for example. Tracy gives us a theme and then we create a marketing presentation in little groups which we have to present in front of the class. We also practice telephone calls and conversations. Grammar excercises or just reading texts are also part of the teaching. The classes take place every Thursday morning and these one hour and a half every Thursday is time well spent. Tank you Tracy and thank you to Feuertrutz, who has made this possible.

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